Sunday, August 31, 2008


haunting my own house in a weird way
(it's something sort of like half a dish of melty ice cream in the sink?)
gloomy i guess, but there's a mutual sort of affection i think. between myself and it.
un-judging witnesses to one another?
if there were a better phrase to use than, "this is probably because of the enormous quantity of 'psychic energy' that i've deposited there", i would use it. because in this way it just sounds plum crazy.
maybe it's better to say something like, "it feels like home".
oh well. if nothing else it's a nice theater for daydreams.
also it's where i make my coffee and people send me things telling me that i owe them money.

WHERE IS ART? gone the way of my attention span

"time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana"

Friday, August 29, 2008

abbey sarver write keith bush biography

keith was born a twin. which always will ground him in the human spirit, despite how misanthropic and jaded he may become. he always believe his twin brother to be better than he but does never know how artistic genius runs rampant in his drunken my-dad-bought-you-this-ikea-desk (in lynnewood gardens none the fucking less) VEINS.

i mean seriously, his bother just plays Frisbee. (good guy still in all)

artistic must be defined in this day in age, so it must be. keith is artistic genius in that you tell this boy/man to draw you a drunken octapus william s. burroughs with his limbs cut off and sewn back on by fucking Louise Bourgeois , and fair enough he will draw it best enough that you agree to it upon your skin for ever etenity. (tattoo?)

if you have aversion to the idea of TATTOO do not be discouraged, mister? you may keep the napkin he drew for you of the future existence of yourself. that is remarkably, ON THE BUTTON???


he will draw your tattoo and take pride in it, moreso than an A+ in 2D Design at Tyler School of Art (where i may take my goddamn pride, dumb), or perhaps even MICA or whatevs is number one right now, doesn't fucking matter because he will be the best at cartoonin and chillin and bffin, that should he ever even get accepted to these prestigous art schools, he will never graduate, because his mind is too far and in between.

perhaps he should be sailing. or being your best friend. saying that school is not a good choice is not at all AT ALL a bad thing.. he simply is his own. artist genius and all, etc and etc.

its getting pretty damp out there, abbey

Monday, August 25, 2008


lives as: tragicomic studies in novelty and romance.

cultivation and maintenance of "relationshams"

here is a picture of god.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

O' No!

i bought a vaccuum and not a tattoo.

then i found this on the INTERNET:

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It gets rid of your gambling debts, it quits smoking It's a friend, and it's a companion, And it's the only product you will ever need Follow these easy assembly instructions it never needs ironing Well it takes weights off hips, bust, thighs, chin, midriff, Gives you dandruff, and it finds you a job, it is a job And it strips the phone company free take ten for five exchange, And it gives you denture breath And you know it's a friend, and it's a companion