Sunday, August 31, 2008


haunting my own house in a weird way
(it's something sort of like half a dish of melty ice cream in the sink?)
gloomy i guess, but there's a mutual sort of affection i think. between myself and it.
un-judging witnesses to one another?
if there were a better phrase to use than, "this is probably because of the enormous quantity of 'psychic energy' that i've deposited there", i would use it. because in this way it just sounds plum crazy.
maybe it's better to say something like, "it feels like home".
oh well. if nothing else it's a nice theater for daydreams.
also it's where i make my coffee and people send me things telling me that i owe them money.

WHERE IS ART? gone the way of my attention span

"time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana"

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NBA JAM: Holocaust said...

I too haunt a house...
but not alone... I found an apparition of pack of Marlboro Menthol the other day... Apparently you haunt my house as well.

Come around in the flesh sometime.

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