Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"hi, my name is keith bush, i applied for your summer apprenticeship and was umm, just wondering if you had a chance to look over my resume..."
"ohh, sorry. we've been a bit behind. captain ray had a skiing accident and hasn't been in the office. but what's your telephone number...etc?"

-basically still playing the waiting game. but the 'skiing accident' i guess helps calm my nerves about the whole thing--if it only serves to humanize the man who has my summer in his hands.

knock on wood, dudes. the lady called me back to let me know she had dug up my resume.
the questions of how large the pile is from which it was dug out, and how qualified mine makes me out to be are still up in the air.
but the whole thing is beginning to feel closer.
i was losing hope there for a while.
who knows?

otherwise-- rowing upstream yesterday, found it enormously difficult. not at all like how i remember. have i fallen hopelessly out of shape? or is the current just increasing in strength? i'd wager it's a combination of both. i haven't gotten out since late september. and the docks, which spent most of winter resting on the banks are floating again. furthermore, at some point in the course of the night, the beached christmas tree was washed away. i'm looking at this as a weird mystic symbol for the departure of winter, and the inevitable following spring.

i've been tracking mud through the house ever since, and i shaved my head all over the kitchen floor.

messy messy.

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