Monday, April 06, 2009

"The blue light was my blues-

the red light was my mind,
[all my loves in vain]"

real feel good shit, right?

so one afternoon, still feeling hopelessly hung over and with nothing much to do i realize 'holy shit, the fucking internet's broken!'
yeah, use your pretty little imagination, you'd be bummed too right?
so i despair for a while, weep for several hours, and finally content myself to get real heavy into television, whatever.
point is, next day i realize it's back. the internet is back and better than ever!
'internet, what happened? you were always so feeble. free, yes. that was nice of you. but always an unreliable twerp. whats the secret to your new efficiency, your talent?" i ask.

'well keith, you see i wen' down the crossroads at midnight, where'pon i was met with legba hisself. first, i nearly lost my nerve an' fled when i seen his big red eyes, and balls o' fire spillin from his mouth, but i worked up the courage. we struck a deal, a trade, a soul for fa-cil-it-y...'

physically, internet doesn't seem to have undergone any changes- is perhaps a little jumpier than i remember. anxious as hell as a matter of fact.
he didn't dwell on the subject of his 'deal', but did woefully mention later that now his own mama won't even speak with him. "chased me straight off the front porch", he said.
i'm not sure what to make of all this, really. am not even certain i believe it. the internet does has a tendency to embellish the truth when it's not completely making things up.
just thought this was noteworthy, and am just reporting the events as they were put to me.
-but wondering whether or not to pray for the poor guy, would it even do him any good?

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