Tuesday, June 02, 2009

another dumb clean joke plus new 'interactive' epilogue!

Dear Diary,

I was driving home and imagining a picture to myself. The picture was of myself [a favorite subject, is this not why I have a blog after all?] It wasn’t really an exciting picture, but I was imagining it hard and that’s what counts. Though I suppose driving home is a sort of bad time to be really imagining anything or fully delving into daydreams, etc in the first place. But anyhow I was and a little bored, and a little lonely too [is this not yet another reason I have a blog?] And in the picture of myself I was wearing cowboy boots. I am not sure why, maybe it was because of the hillbilly music the radio was playing. At any rate, I’m driving home and picturing this and I’m thinking to myself, “Jesus, I look silly, who wears cowboy boots with shorts?!”

Hyuk hyuk hyuk.

Your turn to imagine a picture of me:

In real life once I wore black-loafers-with-no-socks-and-shorts-and-short-sleeves -and-a-tie to a wedding because it was the groomsmens’ “uniform” and I had to. I was a little fat then.

Looks like Baby Huey or something right?

Okay bye!
-Keith Dubya

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