Tuesday, November 11, 2008

seafaring daydreams / C fearing nightmares

also today: [cross yr. fingers, etc.] lease signing
also today:[weird] my design teacher was somehow hung up on the delusion that i was in a band, which he kept making reference to. at one point I had to say, "I am NOT in a band, man", but he kept at it anyhow. He is kind of old. Then he said something like, "he looks kinda like that guy from New Jersey, who is that guy from New Jersey". a classmate said, "Bon Jovi?" and he said "yeah, Bon Jovi".
today did not start well.


Y2KII said...

I think that's called being senile.


Thanks for the comment.
I think you're stuff is the coolest think since the sandwich... I don't think I tell you enough.

It is asking me to type "HOLDISMA" into a box to make sure im not a robot.

matthew said...

coach C fearing?

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