Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"Goats are currently devouring downtown L.A."

this is what i heard out of context on the news this morning.
Weird cartoon images, you know? Nightmarish scenes of a goat apocalypse.

"don't goats eat trash?", i'm thinking, "wow, how apropos.

"awesome". things like that.

so all morning long i'm daydreaming about this. hordes of goats. paths of goat destruction. etc.

celebutantes waking to find their world a wasteland- and goats maliciously nipping at the hired help, who in vain beat at them with broomsticks and garden hoses-stuff like that.
The fuckers are taking taking over!

The reality of this, however, is nowhere near as cool as i imagined.

evidently, when the news anchor said "Downtown LA" , what he meant to say was "A two and a half acre lot in downtown L.A."

The promo also failed to mention that the goats are there ON PURPOSE- a greener method of clearing land. no motors, etc. Which is awesome and all. but i'm still real disappointed.

left with nothing but this god damned impending math quiz to worry about.
but there is also this.



Loopy said...

HELP ME! Keith, can you do a coverup?

Loopy said...

Haha! It's always a scheme... no... I gave myself a tattoo... IT NEEDS TO GO AWAY.... It's kinda funny, so I might keep it... I'll take a picture of it.

matthewKrupa said...

sheep go to heaven, goats go to hell

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