Friday, September 05, 2008

Unfinishable doodle

wanna collaborate?
what i mean to say is i give you this in real life and you finish it and keep it AS YOUR OWN STUFF!

friday, last kayaking maybe of summer (wait it's fall)because instead of rivers i'm going to have to spend my free time in "tech centers" or "facebook labs" or whatever

also out there not paddlin anymore thinking to myself i need a new outlook on shit feelin like those dudes in the movies who are lookin for a new outlook on shit.

then saw an abandoned and half-inflated raft washed ashore and started daydreaming about dead or missing rafters which was a drag. i wonder how many day-trips this has utterly ruined.


Alison said...

Hi stranger - your drawings are adorable and if you don't reapply to Tyler ASAP you're dead to me.

(Right now I'm whispering in the direction of Lynnewood Gardens that the last day to drop classes and get a full refund is September 15th and hopefully these thoughts are swarming your head and tempting you).

Natasha said...

i want to collab with you keith bush.

can i also make a collage or drawing for you and we can exchange??

okay thanks bye.

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