Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The Hilarious Case of the Bum Drum, et cet.

notable recent happenings:

-resurgence of badminton
-inexplicable constipation
-failed "Bum Fire" and cocoa night, as the bum drum which Max procured evidently used to be a trash can---acrid fumes in the yard. [Cheltenham Twp. Parks]
-successful cranberry-raisin muffins with a hint of orange peel
-process ad nauseum
-basement spray paint factory- sticky gray fingers
-missing keg tap? Reward if found
-waning terror
-constant tea
-impending yet almost tragically overdue raise
-"Taste of Willow Grove" -paid to eat free cookies and drink free Stella in santa claus hats
-completely fucking upside-down sleep cycles
-hanging ten on the academic wagon, basically

at any rate, there's this. which is hilarious if not helpful:
"I shit on the chest of fun"
-Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

honk honk honk honk, okay bye

Keithy Bushy

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