Tuesday, December 23, 2008


-my eye drops got cold and the view from outside my window has a color scheme of orange and green.
I owed the bank three hundred dollars and now I owe my father three hundred dollars.
-what’s beautiful? A sunrise. What’s ridiculous? Twisting pretzels and watching the sun rise over the seven eleven. What’s beautifully ridiculous? Writing a blog about it later.
What’s just sad? Owing your father three hundred dollars.
My hands could be described as looking “ashy” these days, with bloody little nooks where I’ve nicked them on things. Like hands of a little old homeless lady in the right light. It’s weird and neat and all, but something needs to be done. I have nail clippers though. And moreover, a proper place in which I keep them.
I also want my room to smell like something. Domesticity and Hygiene.
And it’s Christmas soon and tomorrow I get to pick up my Uncle at the airport. There is a fun sort of romance in picking someone up at an airport. Active participation in a real-life “Home for the Holidays” drama. I’ll be looking forward to this until just moments before I have to actually leave and basically drive to the fucking airport on Christmas eve.
FORTUNE COOKIE from STEVE; the message inside- “Be broke or be wealthy, but never accept mediocrity”.
I owe my father probably way more than three hundred dollars.
By what standards to I judge mediocrity? Whose?
this is heavy business, but no time for that now. I need to bundle the hell up and find the nearest mailbox.

PS> all B's and two pluses in there this semester. I'm content. at very least there aint nothin mediocre about the END of that nightmare. guhbye, good morning, happy holla daze you knuckleheads.

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Alison said...

You're a strange kid.

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