Sunday, May 03, 2009

dear diary [thanks j.j. abrams]

yesterday after work i drove some golf balls at a golf ball driving range and two little boys laughed at me. it hurt my feelings a little but at least they didn't try to rob me. i am bad at golf. later on i fell out of a tree. it was a good day!

here is a fun exchange:
"because you're good like that?"
"duh, if it's good, i'm like it-- most of the time"

there was also pizza and plenty of good old fashioned joking-around. i sure love springtime but bedtime is still scary sometimes. i've been streaming old episodes of LOST so that i don't have to think about myself, which is healthier and cheaper than getting blind drunk and just passing out. hoo-ray!
i have to go to work now, bye.
keith dubya bush

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