Tuesday, May 19, 2009

lost weekend

so you remember that feeling you get when you're all set to go someplace, lets say, church or a wedding, you're all dressed up and ready and trying not to fuck up the creases in your pants, et cet. but it's not time to go yet really so you're just fucking around sitting all antsy on the couch in your tie and theres not enough time to even get into anything or go out and play so you just kind of sit there? yep.

in other news: i've got this box of fruity pebbles which i should finish because they're getting stale. [ps. i've been cutting them with grape nuts in a sort of half-assed, albeit tasty attempt at healthfulness]

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Houses in Motion said...


"diaretiv" was what I had to type to post this comment.

Which I think is a derivitive of a diaretic

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