Tuesday, May 12, 2009

what does it mean

when a black cat crosses your path but that black cat was being assaulted by another which was interrupted in the process by your very path-crossing? whoah, how about it? reading too much into things? yes but why not. my boss read me my horoscope the other day and i'm thinking 'oh great, just what i need...more hoodoo superstitious nonsense mucking up blah blah blah' but the horoscope said people would be complimenting me willy nilly so i adopted the ol' willful suspension of disbelief and had a blast.

also-minor scrapes and burns, minor monetary tragedies, will they mind if i brush my teef at work?, proud of 'cutting back' to about a pack a day, googling 'e-cigarettes', 'lateen rig', and 'steve prule prom'.


here is a haiku

happy-dumb smiling,
trudgin through ugly nonsense
oh boy, supper time!

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